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Get Serious with Paid Surveys


For my NZ friends..

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How to Get Started: Some Tips & Tricks with Online Surveys

1 Get Organised
The number one piece of advice is to get yourself organised. This means setting up a system that allows you to access your emails, complete surveys quickly and efficiently, and cover the tasks required to get your rewards. I set aside some time each day to do the rounds of checking for survey and reward emails from marketing companies and I visit each web site periodically to pick up free reward points, and other freebies.
2 Make it easy to get paid
Set up a PAYPAL account as sometimes it is easier for companies to pay you this way. Work out your nominated bank account. I like to get funds deposited into the same account so that I know when I have been paid. A high interest deposit account is great for this, Here is a list of high interest savings accounts.
3 Join the Best Programs
Not all programs are created equal. It makes sense to join the best ones first, so see my list of recommendations. I would start with the top 5.

Set up Bookmarks
In Internet Explorer I have set up bookmarks to all the best programs so that I can visit them quickly and easily. This helps remind me to visit them regularly.

5 Completing Your Profile is Important
Market research companies receive their jobs from businesses that want to do product research based on a set of customer criteria. When they put together the list of survey recipients they will match the clients request against what is recorded in your profile. So make sure you complete the user profile section. (remember to answer truthfully - you are actually interested in everything aren't you?)
6 More than One Account - Get Maximum Gain
More than one person in your household? make sure they all join you'll get more surveys that way and earn more rewards. Its a good idea to ask them first though! and make sure its legit, because most survey panels will boot you if they find you are operating more than one account...
7 Target Your Rewards
If the reward that is offered is a catalogue of products, make sure you work out which one you want so that you can build up your points to get it.
8 Survey Screening - Making it through the filtering questions
Most surveys that you will receive will ask you a few qualifying questions to begin with. If your answers don't fit the profile they are looking for they will "screen" you out of the survey so you won't get any reward. My advice, you should always give truthful answers, but if it's a survey about beer, its not wise to say your a tee-totaller...if you know what I mean.

Ready to Get Serious with Online Paid Surveys?

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