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Get Serious with Paid Surveys

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About: Paid Surveys, Rewards Programs, Focus Groups, Mystery Shopping

AusPaidSurveysWelcome to AusPaidSurveys.

The Internet is filled with “make your fortune” promises, but I can’t, and I won’t promise you that doing surveys will make you rich. What I can tell you about is an EASY and REAL way to make a bit of extra money, nothing more, nothing less…So if you would like to earn a little extra money without any great effort, then let me show you the secrets I have learned, the best online survey & reward programs, mystery shopping and market research companies to join to maximise the amount of money, gift vouchers and free products you can receive.

Paid Online Surveys & Rewards Programs

Would you like to get paid real money for answering a few questions? I have been receiving cheques, gift vouchers and free products for doing a few online surveys now for over 8 years. Hey, I know it’s not a fortune, but it helps me pay a few bills, and I can buy a few nice things for the kids. It’s far less effort than a second job, and I don’t have to worry about paying extra tax.. How to get started with PAID SURVEYS & REWARDS PROGRAMS.

Focus Groups

A really easy way to make some extra tax free money. Market research companies run focus groups to test products. They take about 1-2 hours and you usually get paid around $50-$150 in cash. More about Focus Groups.

Mystery Shopping

Like the idea of getting paid to go shopping? well you actually can, and its a whole lot easier than you might think.. More about Mystery Shopping.

Ready to Get Serious with Online Paid Surveys?

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